Nethilia's collection of Baby Face dolls

Welcome! To your left you see Penpen, my Black Penny. I collect lots of things, and one is Baby Face dolls. Baby Face dolls came out in 1991 by Galoob, and were widely popular. However, they only came out for two years before the line was discontinued. To read more about them, see my collection, and hear my stories with Baby Face, just click on the links.

The Story of Suzie: My First Baby Face

Orphans: A short story about a Baby Face once abandoned and now reclaimed. Semi true.

My Baby Face Dolls
--Group Shots

Outfit Design by Nethie

A Makeover Project: So Gothic Kiara Raven

Care of Baby Face: coming soon!

What Baby Face Doll are You? A little Webquiz I made.

Links on the Baby Face Mailing List: They have all the best links, tis best to just link you there!

Don't take my pic of Penpen without permission. It took me a long time to make. Thankies!