*~* Individual Shots *~*

Since this is a photo album, it's graphics intense. =P I'll put new ones at the top for your benefit.

Heidi wil not let anyone else have her shades!

My DeeDee, who no longer smells of smoke.

My original doll, So Gothic Kiara Raven, and her kitty, Pumpkins.

Innocence, in one of her non-goth moods.

Natalie, one of the newest babies to join the group.

Original Suzie. This one has her bangs.

A closeup of Candace's face. She's got deep pink lipstick and a short ponytail, which is how I can tell her from Cynthia.

Suzie Q's excited to have her originals back!

Candace with my Birthday Bear.

Cynthia with Opal, my Birthstone Bear.

Laura blows you kissys!

Penny with my stuffed kitty Tiger.

Laura peeks out of the box just before I unpack her.

A close up of Suzie Q.

Penny and Kingsley.

Suzie Q with my ponies.

Sandy and Giana, my Neopet.

Sarah in another outfit.

Sarah wants a hug.

Suzie Q and Veronica, another creation of Mel.

Suzie Q looks cute in her overalls!

Say hi to Penpen!

Sandy in something spiffy.

Pen Pen in a comfy sundress. She has swiped Laura's shoes.

Candance in a nice crocheted oufit.

Laura in a very ruffly crocheted dress. The petticoat is also crocheted.

It doesn't matter what she wears, Sarah is still upset.

PenPen sometimes wants to be free.

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