Penny shows off an outfit for your viewing pleasure!*~* Outfit Design *~*

I have designed a few outfits for Baby Face dolls, using clothes patterns I drew and designed myself. Most of the time it's cute tops and skirt sets, but I have patterns for pants and dresses as well, in almost any style possible (within the limits of good taste, of course).

To get an idea of what I make, look at my pics of my Baby Face dolls. Most of the ones that are on the site are one of a kinds made from my mother's fabric samples, but if you would like me to make an outfit for your dolls, just email me at and I'll see what I can do for you.

Price ranges from about 5-25 bucks, depending on the complexity of the outfit and the time and materials I would have to put into it. (I am a college student, so I have to deal with classes first). I'm looking at about 1 to 5 bucks per piece of garment, plus about 2 more for my labor. Crocheted outfits will cost about 3 to 5 bucks more overall because it takes a while longer to crochet an outfit. Shipping depends on where I need to send them to. No handling charges.

I also make crocheted sandals and shoes for 3 bucks a pair. They are custom made to fit Baby Face feet. I'll have a picture of those up soon.

I'll also start selling outfits on Ebay as soon as I can get the means to set up a selling account. Till now, just contact me at the above, and I'll do the best I can.

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