Welcome to Spenecial*com. I have slimmed it down greatly, so as to be neater and less busy.


The Nethieverse
My personal site. Under renovation.

random blatherings and collected snark (LJ)
My LJ, in case you want to keep up with me between site updates

The AGGiR on the WWW
A site about my American Girl dolls. In the works.

Birds of a Feather
A site focusing on House Ravenclaw in the Harry Potterverse.

The Facts, Fictions, and FAQ about Qwertys
Information about a creature I created, the Qwerty.

Ichigo Nyan~!
My Tokyo Mew Mew site.

KiSS Me!
For people who come here on a search for KiSS dolls...these are the dolls you're looking for.

Nethilia's Stables
The place where My Little Ponies play.

To be revamped:

The only known shrine to Duplica of Pokémon.

Fox Tales
All Pokémon fiction, all the time.

Dark Glasses
A mini-shrine to Umbreon of Pokemon.

Nethie's Babies!
All about my Baby Face Dolls.

A shrine to the Fire Pokémon.



Contact me:
Email: nethilia@yahoo.com
AIM: KittiKattie

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