Kitti-Qwerty. AKA me as a Qwerty. Morphed cause I rule. For every thing you wanted to know about the Qwerty.

--What are Qwertys?

First of all, I can tell you what they are not.

So what are they? Qwertys are Qwertys. I know that’s a circular definition, but it’s true. A Qwerty is nothing more than a Qwerty. Qwertys are a species all by themselves.

--What does a Qwerty look like?

You cant’ say a Qwerty looks like the nots listed above, cause it doesn’t. It looks like a Qwerty. It does however, have some defining characteristics.

--Why are they called Qwertys?

Kitti handed the first Qwerty a keyboard and asked what they wanted to be called. Never having seen a keyboard, the creature started tapping on the keys in order. Kitti took the keyboard after the first six keys and saw it said QWERTY. She asked if that was okay, the Qwerty nodded.

Opty-Qwerty and Kitti-Qwerty--Are Qwertys sentinent creatures/Can Qwertys think/Can Qwertys (anything humans do)?

Yes. Qwertys can do practically everything. They speak any language they are taught. My Qwerty speaks French, English, and some Japanese and Spanish. Qwertys also have their own language, Qwertiese. No one has deciphered Qwertiese yet. Qwertys write, draw—Qwertys are fairly smart.

--Where did Qwertys come from?

Kitti du Ciel was the first to discover Qwertys. She found the first clan while cleaning out the Eternal Backpack, hiding behind the fireplace logs and pickle jars. Even today, she doesn’t know where they came from or how the blazes they got in her Backpack. (Then again, Kitti almost never knows what’s in her backpack.) She started training them and breeding them, and they latched on to her. She taught them English and much of what the standard Qwerty knows. Qwertys do not care for other people unless they have been instructed by Kitti that it is okay to go with their new partner. It is a well known fact that Kitti is the only person legally certified to raise, and breed Qwertys. Anyone caught trying to take a Qwerty from her or stealing one will be sued, whammed with mallets, have their ramen taken, and otherwise prosecuted. And the Qwerty sure won’t listen to the person that stole it—Qwertys know when their rights have been violated.

Qwertys should not be this color! >=| By Lindz--What Color can a Qwerty come in?

You name it, a Qwerty can be that color. Qwertys are every color of the rainbow and some that aren’t. Qwertys are also very color coordinated. You will NEVER see a Qwerty with pale blue main fur and neon orange tummy fur. Mainly because bad color combinations make Qwertys nauseated.

--How do Qwertys breed?

That’s none of your business. That’s why Kitti is the only legal breeder.

--What size can a Qwerty come in?

They range in size from a small as a kitten when infants and newborn to the size of a full grown dog in a fair-sized male. Anywhere in that range is pretty much it.

--What does a Qwerty eat?

Qwertys come in ranges, much like people. Basically, the species as a whole will eat anything ranging from avocados to zucchini, but no Qwerty eats everything. There’s even one Qwerty who survives on nothing but peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wheat bread. Basically, they’re omnivores.

Rassie, by Lindz-Who is Rassie?

Rassie is one of the Qwertys that is strictly partnered by Kitti. She looks much like the average Qwerty, with dark red fur and blood red tummy fur, with a few changes. She wears a chain-link collar with a tag that has her name on it, and her front hair hangs so far over her face you can only see one eye at a time. She has prominent claws and large vampire-like teeth. She also does not talk any language save Qwertiese, but understands Kitti’s commands. Rassie has a rather strange diet—she’s a pure carnivore, with a picky diet of human flesh. Specifically, when Kitti gets mad enough to want to castrate someone (male or female, she can do both, you really don’t want to know the graphics of castrating a female), she feeds what she slices off to Rassie. Most of the time Kitti keeps her muzzled, but Rassie is trained well for being clinically insane. If you make Kitti mad, she will send out Rassie. And Rassie goes straight for lunch.

--May I own a Qwerty?

Qwertys partner people. They are NOT owned by anyone, except Kitti, and she’s a very good mistress to her Qwerty clan, so they won’t leave her unless she says it’s safe. If you want a Qwerty to partner you, it’s very unlikely you can have one. Qwertys only trust who Kitti trusts, and Kitti doesn’t trust many people.




The Creation of the Qwerty:

I was spamming in an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) chat with my close friend Chibi. Chibi started typing Meowth (Yes, that’s Meowth like the Pokémon). So I just hit the first six keys on the keyboard as fast spam. (Standard keyboards are known as QWERTY keyboards, because those are the first six keys.) We went in this vein for a while, just spamming these words back and forth. So finally Chibi asked me what a Qwerty was. I pulled out a pencil and scribbled out the first Qwerty from a doodle, scanned it, colored it, and thus Qwerty was born. Since then, I’ve owned the Qwerty. They are my personal creation, privately owned, and Copyrighted February 17, 2000 (which is the date I finished the first pic ever of a Qwerty.) Anyone who takes my Qwertys will be prosecuted. They are legally mine, like anything else I have created.

Only three people may legally draw a Qwerty. Me (Kitti), Jennifer and Lindz. NO ONE ELSE. I mean it. You must ask permission, and even then I might say no.

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