Fujiwara Zakuro/Mew Zakuro

Name Means: Light-purple Field Pomegrante

Birthday: Sept 6th (Virgo)

Age: app 14/15

Grade: 3rd year Junior High (9th grade)

Height: 171cm (app. 5' 7.32")

Weight: 49 kilos (app. 107.8 lbs)

Merged With: Grey Wolf
--Grey wolves are a type of wolf (duh) that lives in the artic regions of North America.

Mark: Little lines all around her belly button.

First Seen:
Manga: Chapter 1 (first named Chapter 11)
Zakuro's hand is seen before anything else. One of the mean girls threatens to beat up Retatsu for Purin mocking them, and the others panic. Ichigo jumps to go stop them and a hand shoots out and grabs the girl's wrist, pulling her from Retatsu. The girl bitches and says something to the equivalent of "Do you want a piece of this too?" To which the hand twists her arm behind her back and you see Zakuro say, "Not really." (cool...) You see her again in Chapter 11, when she walks in during a tryout the others are at, and Ichigo and Minto both recognize her.

First Henshin:
--Manga: In the middle of her performing, she freezes and turns to stare at the window. There's a flock of crows outside, and they burst through the window.. Ichigo screams for everyone to get out, and Mint is the first. She goes to Zakuro and tells her to run, but in a flash of light she henshins.

Zakurosu Huippu (Zakuro's Whip)
Zakuro's main weapon. In the manga it's cross shaped and extends out.

Riboon Zakuro Supyua! (Ribbon Zakuro Spear!)
--Zakuro's main weapon. She extends the end of her whip and hits the enemy. Like anyone would do with a whip. The first time she does this, it's badass *grin*


Zakuro is very cold and aloof--like Minto squared. She's a celebrity and famous idol (A very good dancer) and Minto is her biggest fan. She also speaks six languages fluently--English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese (duh!). She puts on a happy face for the public but behind the scenes she's very cold and grumpy. When the others tell her she's one of them, she (in essence) tells them to go fuck off, she'll have nothing to do with any of them. When she's attacked on TV though, and the others jump in, she does join them in the battle. Afterwards, she agrees to be one of the team. At Cafe Mew Mew, she's a solid worker and at first they're worried that since she's famous it will be obvious who she is, but she's so very cold and grumpy to the customers that there's no matching her to her face on camera. So far, she's my favorite one of them all.