June 17, 2005: Okay, I've finally, FINALLY got back to updating. Life is weird that way. Blame moving, graduation, lack of comp (this is my boyfriend's, so I haven't been doing much art like things on it) I'll start working on translations and the like later, including working on the TMM A La Mode Series (and getting it in both languages).

October 5, 2003: Another update! Yes. I've done a new layout for Ichigo Nyan~!. I also added Chapter 5's translation and plan to have #7 up soon, as well as some scans. Sorry it's been so long but classes and the like took a foot to me -_- . Expect more updates later this week.

June 15, 2003: No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth! But between massive crap and massive moving, (if you would like to know the details, e-mail me and I'll summarize) as well as summer vacation starting and me flying to Denver/A-Kon, I have not had time to do many updates. I'm working on Chapter 6 (Chapter 5 is done but on another computer so it will be uploaded this August), but I can't scan pictures till I get back. I've taken out the kiriban, due to crap beyond my control. Also, I've dropped the anime section from the summaries as I would rather make this a purely manga site, and the back notes due to eyestrain. By the way, I own the first two translated copies. Tokyopop does a damn good translation and I encourage Tokyo Mew Mew Fans everywhere to buy it and support manga in America. I now own the entire manga series, and so slowly but surely I will end up putting every chapter translated up here! Now, to get my hands on some Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode....

March 5, 2003: Nethie was bored this weekend. So bored she got Chapter 4 and most of the back notes of Tankouban 1 done. and the start of Volume 2 started. And Black and White Gallery 4 up. Now, to start work on Chapter 5. I also added a kiriban. Go see what it is.

March 1, 2003: Chapter 3 is translated, and the gallery for Chapter 3 is up. Incidentally, I've broken apart the Black and White Galleries so that they don't take so much scrolling and look nice. I've added links to as many official sites as possible.