Opinion on Tokyopop Translation

Well this past A-Kon (May 30 to June 1) I picked up a copy of Tokyo Mew Mew as translated by Tokyopop--Volume 1 and 2. Now, Tokyopop had a reputation of making bad translations (if I recall correctly, they were in charge of the Sailor Moon translations--if I'm wrong, tell me). So I was a bit wary. However, I am overall pleased with what's been done.

First of all, there's the things that I like. Ichigo's name has been kept in Japanese (they didn't name her Berri or something). The manga reads right to left, like the original. The backgrounds, and much of the background text (sound effects and the like) are kept in Japanese. The logo is very nice and blends with the cover and style of TMM. There is also good blending in the text itself--the font fits, and where the Japanese was taken out, artists have fixed the background so that it's not just stark whiteness. Very nice of them. The original logo is kept on what would originally be the color pictures, as well. Also, the back notes are translated, and so are the little side stories. And overall, personalities are preserved--Ichigo is still brash, Retasu is still polite, and Kisshu is still a prick ^.~

Now, the things that I don't like or that irked me. There is the glaring fact that Kisshu, which is supposed to mean "quiche", has been changed to the short "Kish". A little lazy on the translator's part, as now the names will not line up properly (Quiche, Pie, Tart.) Also, Purin's speech pattern of "no da" has been dropped completely. While I realize that the "no da" doesn't translate properly, her speech is no longer as distinct. A little something could have been added to still give her the bounce in her speech. There's also the fact that from the beginning, Aoyama (or, simply Masaya here) refers to Ichigo by her first name from the beginning, which really changes an event in Chapter 4 (I won't say it). Finally, the battle cry, "To show my gratitude, I'll give you full service meow!" is now, "For your evil actions, I will make you pay!" which to me, is a little to close to Sailor Moon's own battle cry. And the ads in the back for other Tokyopop manga are a little annoying. (Especially the ones for Kim Possible...gods, I hate that show!)

Noticeable things that have changed but that don't really rub my fur that much:
*Ichigo refers to Aoyama-kun as simply "Masaya" from the start.
*Shimatta (dammit!) is now simply "shoot" or "darn!" (which I understand--after all, these are targeted to the younger crowds).
*The pages are a little darker than in the original, so some things in the background fade off or blur together.
*There are some background speeches which aren't translated--possibly because they were mistaken for sounds.
*Mikki (Minto's dog) = Mickey. Yes, like the mouse.
*Minto = Mint. Retasu = Lettuce. Purin = Pudding. This does not irk me, as that's what their names really mean.
*Chimera Anima = Kimera Anima. Oh well.
*"Ribbon Zakuro Pure"? Seems someone made the same mistake I did translating. (FYI, it's "Ribbon Zakuro Spear.")
*There are Americanisms sprinkled. Some are good, ("Those two are too much!") and some make my head hurt... (something tells me that Zakuro is a little too refined to say, "Um, whatever.")

So, do I like it? Yes, despite the little things, this is a good translation. I'm glad I shelled out the about 20 bucks I paid for them (ah, discounts, you never hurt the ones who buy!) If a person's just getting into Tokyo Mew Mew simply because of the American translation, I hope that it leads them to the Japanese version, but on it own it stands up. It can sit on the shelf with my manga, no trouble.