Midorikawa Retasu/Mew Retasu

Name Means: Green River Lettuce

Birthday: April 29 (Taurus)
Note: This is the "Day of Green" in Japan.

Age: app. 13

Grade: 2nd year Junior High School (8th grader)

Height: 161cm (app. 5' 3.3")

Weight: 47 kilos (app. 103.4 lbs)

Merged with: Sunameri (Japanese finless porpoise)
--Japanese finless porpoises look like small beluga whales, and are called finless because they have no dorsal (back) fin. They are found in the costal waters of the Indo-Pacific.

Mark: Two curves that look like fish on her chest, right above her breasts.

First Seen:
Manga: Chapter 1 (first named Chapter 3)
Retasu is seen being picked on by girls from her own school. They told her to get them coffee and then mocked her when she brought it, saying that no one would want hot coffee in hot weather. and they plan to punish her for this. You get her name in Chapter 3 when Ichigo indroduces herself to her--she comes to Cafe Mew Mew and the same girls are picking on her, even though she says they're her friends.

First Henshin:
The first time you see Mew Retasu she's already henshined--she's the "water spirit" that's been attacking the girls at her own school. Full costume and, as my friend Fergie says, "Those fricking streamers!"

Retasu Nunetto! (Lettuce Nets/Lettuce Castanets)
--Retasu's main weapon. In the manga they look a lot less like castanets and a lot more like tomatoes O_o.

Riboon Retasu Rasshu! (Ribbon Lettuce Rush!)
--Retasu's main attack. She throws bursts of water at the enemy. In the anime it looks more like bubbled water though and she twirls around and flings it at the enemy.


Retasu is shy and timid (and a little ditsy), and seems like she's always the victim when it comes to her "friends". She's also super polite, and from what I've heard/read in her speech pattern she always speaks very formally. It takes Ichigo practically yelling at her to make her see that they aren't her true friends. After she officially joins the team, she opens up a little bit and ditches her own friends. (I haven't seen them anymore in the manga and in the anime, only once where she was headed somewhere and blew them off saying she didn't need them anymore.) Retasu is also notoriously clumsy, falling all over the place, dropping things, and causing more work for poor Ichigo when they're working at Cafe Mew Mew. But overall she's a sweet person.