Phon Purin/Mew Purin

Name Means: Yellow Step Bell (Purin also means "pudding". The translation of her name is from the Chinese name Buling Huang.)

Birthday: August 7th (Leo)

Age: app. 10/11

Grade: 6th grader

Height: 139cm (app. 4' 6.72")

Weight: 32 kilos (app. 70.4 lbs)

Merged With: Golden Lion Tamarin
--Golden Lion Tamarins are small primates that live in the rainforests of Brazil.

Mark: Two swirls on her forehead, with little marks under them, on her forehead.

First Seen:
Manga: Chapter 1 (first named Chapter 5)
Purin is the one who jumps in front of Retasu when the girls from her school are picking on her, and tell them to leave her alone. When the girls swing at her she starts jumping around them and teasing them, finally landing on a lampost and making faces at them. This pisses them off. =P Purin is seen at the zoo performing with the monkeys in Chapter 4, but she doesn't say her name until Chapter 5.

First Henshin:
--Manga, Chapter 5: She's nearly stepped on by an elephant. Just before it crushes her she henshins.

Puringu Ringu (Pudding Rings)
--Purin's basic weapons. In the manga they look like and are about the size of hula hoops, and the orange one is just little smaller.

Puringu Ringu Inferuno (Pudding Ring Inferno)
--Purin's main attack. She uses her rings to trap creatures in the anime, in this blast of stuff (to use the only term). It looks kind of like jello.


Purin is the most genki (perky) character out of them all. She refers to everyone else as "Oneechan" (big sister) since she's the youngest. She's also very gymnastic and bounces everywhere, and is quite the performer, sometimes (most of the time) when she shouldn't. And, like Retasu, she makes things much more difficult for Ichigo at Cafe Mew Mew. Not because she's clumsy, but because she's way too eager and acts like she's performing when she should be serving. She's very cute, but very over-enthusiastic. And she's got more "no da" than you can shake a Chichiri at. ^.~