Aizawa Minto/Mew Minto

Name Means: Indigo Valley Mint

Birthday: October 3 (Libra)

Age: app. 12

Grade: 1st year Junior High School (7th grader)

Height: 146cm (app. 4'9.48 inches)

Weight: 38 kilos (app. 83.6 lbs)

Merged With: Blue Lorikeet (Vini peruviana)
--Blue Lorikeets are small, parrot-like birds found in the Cook Islands and Tahiti.

Mark: Small set of wings, on her back.

First Seen:
Chapter 1 (first named Chapter 2)
Minto is first seen but not named in Chapter 1. She hands Ichigo a handkerchief to wipe her and Aoyama-kun's mouth after they accidentally kiss. She's also very rude to her. In Chapter 2 she's named when they see that she lives in a big mansion.

First Henshin:
--Manga, Chapter 2: Henshins when she panics and begs Mikki (her dog) to quit attacking Ichigo. Ichigo practically had to scream at her to get her to transform though, she thought Ichigo was lying about her powers.

--Mintoon Aroo (Mint Tone Arrow)
Minto's main weapon, first seen in Chapter 2. In the manga it's just a little heart with wings; in the anime it looks like a little bow and arrow fused together and she calls it up by tossing her hands up in the air very elegantly.

--Myuu Akua Roddo (Mew Aqua Rod)
Minto gets this in Chapter 16 from what appears to be pure Myu Aqua (Mew water) and Masha. This will be fully clarified when I translate that far.

--Riboon Minto Eko (Ribbon Mint Echo!)
Again, simple in the manga. Minto points it at the enemy and a beam of light comes from her weapon.

--Riboon Akua Doroppusu! (Ribbon Aqua Drops!)
Rains a shower of purifying water down upon the enemy, who is massively weakened. Not in the anime yet (at least where I've seen.)


Minto is very refined and gallant, as she thinks is befitting her family name. However, Minto is always acting mean to Ichigo. The first time she meets her she calls her vulgar and says she'll have nothing to do with her. After she henshins the first time, she relies on Ichigo to tell her what to do and does help her defeat the Chimera Animal in Mikki. However, when Ichigo extends a hand in friendship, Minto smacks it away and tells her that she'll be her teammate but won't be her friend--she still considers Ichigo a vulgar little girl. She also picks on Ichigo a lot--at one point she threatens her with a dog collar when she won't come with her investigate a ghost and actually puts it on her. She doesn't do much work at Cafe Mew Mew, instead making Ichigo do everything and ordering her around while sipping tea. She seems like the type of character who could be a right bitch in another context, but actually she's very nice...if more than just a bit high minded.