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Chapter 4/Back Pictures:
Retasu's a Mew Mew
Lettuce Castanets!
Ribbon Lettuce Rush!
Retasu looking evil
Ichigo has no choice but to attack
Minto's been blasted!
"You're scared, aren't you?!"
"You're a good girl, I know it!"
"I don't know what's happening to me..."
A background Ichigo
"I don't care why you hurt those people..."
"To fully show my gratitude...
I'll give you full service!"
Ichigo and Retasu in the water
Retasu in her waitress outfit
Retasu looking kawaii
Alas, she's so very clumsy.
Retasu's really not helping, is she?
Retasu looking very nervous
Minto getting upset
Retasu relaxed
Creepy people
Happy Ichigo at the zoo
Worried Ichigo
Another background Ichigo
"Come on and quit getting lost."
"I'm back, no da!"
A close up of who you'll soon know as Purin
"Such a performance warrants pay no da!"
Guilt trip na no da
Determined Purin face
Background Ichigo again
Skipping along
"You scared me."
Ichigo and Purin
Shadowy figure
"Thanks for the kiss, baby."

Another Chibi Ichigo
And another...
And yet another chibi Ichigo
Everyone Chibi! (Zakuro in shadow)
Extra Character 1
Extra Character 2
An Ichigo representation
A cow-suited Kissu
Ichigo, Aoyama, Shirogane, and R-2000 in cow suits
Retasu, Akasaka, and Minto in cow suits