Black and White Galleries

Chapter 2:
Akasaka introduces himself...
and asks Ichigo to trust him. (he's so smooth!)
You can't go home dressed like that, Ichigo.
"They're going to do bad things to me!"
A nervous Ichigo
Ichigo inside Cafe Mew Mew
...and shocked to be there.
"Four more comrades!? Thank goodness!"
That's where your mark is, Ichigo.
That girl's back...and now she has a name!
Maybe her mark's in the same place as mine...
An indignant Minto
"You're an ugly, vulgar little girl!"
Minto has grace!
...but she really doesn't care for Ichigo.
Mikki's Chimera Anima!
Ack! She henshined!
So that's where Minto's mark is...
No way! I've henshined!
Mint Tone Arrow!
We'll give you full service!
A Double Attack: Strawberry Check and Mint Echo
We did it!
Minto is grateful for Mikki being restored...
but she still doesn't like Ichigo too much. (Oh well.)
Ichigo and Mint in their uniforms
Ichigo with a strawberry