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Chapter 1/Prologue:
Ichigo, Shirogane, Akasaka, and Aoyama
Our first sight is of one disappointed Ichigo
Close up of Ichigo.
Aoyama talks about the environment
I wish I was graceful enough to fall on a guy and hit his lips!
"Here, have my hankie."
Ichigo spazzes...
with good reason. What a dirty look!
"But I brought you the coffee..."
"You shouldn't pick on weak people, no da!"
"Dammit, no da!" (this so far is one of my fave lines!)
Ichigo runs to help the girl in glasses...
but stops...
because trust me, this girl has got a handle on things.
A close-up of the girl in glasses.
Future mahou shojo before they know it...
Falling with grace!
Hey Ichigo, a cute guy's got you in his arms!
ACK! I've henshined! What the hell am I wearing?
I'll give you full service, nyan~!
Ribbon Strawberry Check!!
Group Shot of Ichigo, Minto, and Retasu
A cute Ichigo with a heart