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This site once held lots of Pokémon fan fiction. As it now stands, I've lost contact with most of those people. Therefore, to play it safe, I've reduced this site to my fan fiction alone. Should I get any information from those who once gave me their fics, they will be replaced, but for now it's just what I write.


Anthromon: The Rewrite

Anthromon. Half Pokémon, half human. Freaks. Hybrids. Experiments. With no idea why they were created or what their goal in life is, and forced to flee their home, they embark on a journey to fit into the world.

The first time this story was written it was started in Fall 1999. Gold and Silver were no more than rumors on the horizon, and I started a fic about the lives of six Anthromon. Pokémon has changed, and this fic will now reflect this. This is the rewrite, updated for 2003, looking towards Ruby and Sapphire. The old chapters won't be accessible, as I feel it better to start with a clean slate.


Chapter 1:
More Than a Pair

Chapter 2:
Forced Eevee-lution

Chapter 3:
Pokémon Reality


Tales of the Rockets

Dark Fiction of Team Rocket's main members, each with a theme. Intertwining and convoluted, they will finally culminate in a novel that brings out all the secrets and lies that each has been hiding. Don't expect this to follow the TV show at all (or at best vaguely); this is my own idea.

The Letter R
Jessica's Story. In rewrite because OMG the original is the most OOC thing ever.

James's story.

Mew Bless the Child
Cassidy's story.


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