One Thousand Curses
Vulpix and Ninetales

Name Meanings


Rokon: blend of roku, six, and koutan tail Vulpix: blend of vulpine, "fox" and six (the number of tails)
Kyuukon: blend of kyuu, nine and koutan tail Ninetales: pun on "nine tails", the number it has and alludes to the stories of kitsune foxes


Game Boy Games: Red/Blue/Yellow

In Red and Blue, Vulpix are only on one pack--the Blue one. They are found off route 7 and 8, and in the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar. They're not very common, but take your time and find them. Vulpixes can only evolve one way--they become a Ninetales when exposed to a Fire Stone.

Vulpixes have pretty good attacks as well, starting with Ember, Tail Whip, and Quick Attack when first received at level 18-20 off Route 7 and 8. They are more likely to be encountered on Route 8 than 7. If caught in the Pokémon Mansion, they are from level 32-35. I would suggest catching one off route 8 and then raising it, because raised Pokémon are stronger than caught ones of the same level and you can control what is learned. Vulpix later acquires the powerful Flamethrower and Fire spin attacks. It also learns Confuse Ray--the only Fire Pokémon to learn a Ghost move.

Do not evolve Vulpix until it has learned Flamethrower. Once evolved, the new Ninetales cannot learn any more moves. I learned that the hard way my first time. -_-

In Yellow, there's only one way to get Vulpix--buying one at Exchange Corner for a rip off at 1000 gold coins (app. 20000 Pokébucks). I just traded my Vulpix to my Yellow pack from my Blue one--much cheaper, even if names can't be changed.


Game Boy Games: Gold/Silver/Crystal

They split the Vulpix/Growlithe thing yet again. Vulpix are only on Silver, so all you Gold and Crystal trainers better get to trading. (This is why I bought Silver.) They are common in Silver on routes 7. 8. 36, and 37. I ran into a lot of girls, so I grabbed a girl one--mainly cause one of my online personas is a girl Vulpix. They only learn one new move in their lineup...Safe Guard. And like in the others, a Fire Stone makes it a Ninetales. But you only get one--when you show Bill's Grandpa a Vulpix. So if you use it on Vulpix and want the others, like an Arcanine or a Flareon, you'll have to trade back to R/B/Y-and with no new moves from Gold and Silver. On Crystal, you can get a Fire Stone if you exchange phone numbers with Alan the Schoolboy.


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/Fire Red/Leaf Green

What do you know, they put my baby on Ruby/Sapphire! Happy joy! They are found in the Grass on Mount Pyre. And by damn, I wandered until I got a female. Cause I'm that frigging neurotic. Now they learn Will-o-Wisp, which always burns, Imprison, which means an opponent can't use a move you know,  and Grudge, which swipes the PP of a move that knocks you out. Either way, they're a treasure to raise. And of course, get your Fire Stone and start raising. But wait your time, or you won't get Flamethrower. And what part of BURNINATE don't you get? They also have the Ability Flash Fire, which means Fire attacks roll right off and they hit harder with fire. Sweet.

There isn't one on Colosseum. But there is one on Fire Red/Leaf Green. However, they didn't put her on Fire Red. ¬¬ Yeah, so I'm fucking pissed. I'll be trading and breeding from my beloved Nethie on Sapphire, like I did early in Ruby. They're on LeafGreen, on Route 7, 8, and the mansion. I guess I can use this as an opportunity for Growlithe growth. *grumble*I want my fire fox, bitches.



I LOVE Vulpix! Vulpix was and is still my favorite Pokémon. They're so cute! Ninetales are gallant, but nothing can top my love for a Vulpix! ^_^ A Pokémon Game is not my game until I have a female Vulpix named Kitti or Nethie. And I do evolve. As cute as that fire fox is, the adult form is sheer Fire Power. And so gallant. *huggles her fire foxes*