Mount Turtle

Name Meanings


Kootasu: blend of kotai "solid" and torutoisu "tortoise" Torkoal: blend of tortoise and coal


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/Fire Red/Leaf Green

And now, we have a walking, snorting, turtle. On Fire. People, we ask for more fire, and this is what we get? Le sigh. Le big sigh. They are found in the Fiery Cave, but not very often. I'd hide too if that's what I looked like. Ha ha. No really, they're not too bad.

Torkoals don't evolve. Somehow, I'm grateful for this. They have the Ability White Smoke, which means no moves that cause stat changes (such as Intimidate and Growl) work. That is good. It is also a pure Fire, which is also good considering the stupid little Fire/Grounds I've had to deal with. It learns good-old fire moves, like Ember, Flamethrower, and Fire Spin. And it also learns Heat Wave, which has a chance of burning.



I just have this image of throwing a ninja turtle into a volcano and this being the result. Not cute, not that powerful. But worth at least some training. If just a bit odd.