Blaze Kick
Torchic, Combusken, and Blaziken

Name Meanings


Achamo: blend of akago "child" and shamou "game cock" Torchic: blend of torch and chick
Wakashamo: blend of wakai, "young" and shamou "game cock" Combusken: blend of combust and kendo
Bashaamo: blend of basha "bash" and shamou "game cock" Blaziken: blend of blaze and kendo


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/Fire Red/Leaf Green

The new Fire starter of Ruby and Sapphire is Torchic, a little fire bird. (Really now, a bird? Someone heard my complaint about Moltres and ran with it.) Anyways, instead of just wandering into the lab and getting this starter, you gotta go save Professor Birch's ass from a Poochyena. Really, the profs are getting more pansy. Anyways, you chose and then battle, and out of gratitude, Birch says you get to keep the Pokémon. Yay! Now, He's a fairly hard one to start with. The first gym is Rock. Yah, remember that whole thing with Charmander in R/B? It's back. Only with a vengeance. Get someone else to help you early while he gets his (and mebbe her) learn on. If you start with Torchic on Sapphire, you're making things even harder, since Team Aqua fights with Water Pokémon. And on Ruby, you're just making things not easy. Either way, you're in for a challenge.

Torchic learns good Fire Moves--Ember and Fire Spin, and Flamethrower. But you don't want Flamethrower. You heard me. You don't want it. You want to evolve to Combusken at level 16, and you want to go on to Blaziken at level 36. Why? You want to get Blaze Kick, and you want to go on with this move and kick the ass with a burning. Blaziken is Fire/Fighting, and so once he gets good, Rock is nothing more than an annoyance. So go forth and raise that birdie! Their Ability is Blaze, like the other two starters. Nah, won't be tapping that, at all.

Wait, I didn't hear you. Did you just ask if they're on FR/LG? Here's your sign. It says "I'm a moron." No, Charmander is the starter, stupid! You breed and you trade and you enjoy it, cow!



I started with Torchic, but of course. And, but of course, I made things hard on myself. Anyways. I think he's a cutie pie Pokémon. And he is quite a badass when he grows up. I just have this image of people getting their ass beaten by a flaming chicken. (Not that kind of flaming. =P)