Speed Runner
Ponyta and Rapidash

Name Meanings


Poniita: blend of ponii, "pony" and "ta", unknown Ponyta: from the Japanese name "Poniita"
Gyaroppu: Japanese pronunciation of "gallop" Rapidash: blend of rapid and dash


Game Boy Games: Red/Blue/Yellow

Ponytas are plentiful in Red and Blue, and both can be found in the Cinnabar Mansion. Why a horse is running around in a mansion, I will never know. It makes no sense. None, I tell you. NONE! But the only way to get a Rapidash is to train your Ponyta to Level 40 and then let it evolve. Bah. Ponytas and Rapidashes only get two fire moves--Ember and Fire Spin. They do however, have Take down and Agility, as well as Stomp. Not exactly moves to burn by.

I haven't raised a Ponyta, I admit--it's a little too much work for a rather poor Pokémon. Sure, if you're not using them for their Fire moves, it's an okay Pokémon. But I wouldn't use it when I need the fire I like. In Yellow, Ponytas are off route 17. But once again, Rapidashes are only through leveling up. And still no better. Gyah.


Game Boy Games: Gold/Silver/Crystal

Ponyta are in all three, and they're common--seen in and on the Silver Mountain area, Routes 22, 26, 27, and 28. They learn some moves from the past, including better fire moves. But no new G/S/C Fire moves other than TM/HMs and Fire Blast, which is now natural. But if you only catch these guys for a good level up for Pokédexes, fear no more! You can catch a Rapidash off the Silver Mountain area and Route 28, but they are fairly rare. I caught my two for the Pokédex and then said to hell with it.


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/FireRed/LeafGreen

Hello horsies my old friend....it seems you're sucking once again...Yah, they're back in FR/LG on Island One, with fire and burning and hotness. They learn a rather interesting new move, Bounce. Which is a Flying move. Goddess fuck, people! This is why I don't use them! They suck! Well, their ability is Flash Fire (No good fire moves, but they at least don't fall to them) or Run Away, which means they get away from battles no matter what. I'd run too, if I sucked this hard.



Like I said, I wouldn't raise a Rapidash for fighting. But as Pokémon go, it's a nice little fire horse and a number with speed. Just not one for the intensive team on the go.