Fire Pit
Numel and Camerupt

Name Meanings


Donmeru: blend of don "stupid" and cameru "camel" Numel: blend of numb and camel
Bakudaa: blend of baku, "explosion" and rakuda, "camel" Camerupt: blend of camel and erupt


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/Fire Red/Leaf Green

What the hell. It's a walking fire pit. Well, at least it's not a Slugma.

These are found on Route 112 on Ruby/Sapphire, and are also used by Team Magma. Numel learns only two Fire moves--Ember, then Flamethrower. It learns way too many Ground moves for my liking. But that is because it's a Fire/Ground. Didn't we learn this lesson in G/S/C? Fire + Ground = TWICE as vulnerable to Water and not even twice as powerful against Grass. I can see why Team Aqua completely owned them. Honestly. They do have the ability Oblivious, which means they can't be distracted by Attract. That is good.

Numels become Camerupts at level 33. And do they look any better? Er, not really. Still not a Pokémon I'd fight with. But hey, it's the choice of Team Magma. And they have the Ability Magma Armor, which means they can never be frozen. That is good. I hate being frozen.



It's a fire camel. O_O's special. Again, I won't fight with one. I have a Ninetales. But on their own, they look pretty intimidating. If a bit dumb.