Glimpse of Glory

Name Meanings


Faiyaa: Japanese pronunciation of "fire" Moltres: blend of molten and tres (the Spanish word for "three")


Game Boy Games: Red/Blue/Yellow

Ah, Moltres. The Legendary Bird of Fire, and the last one to catch as you wander through Victory Road in all three packs. There's a specific set of moves to be done to take you to Moltres, but I'm not about to lay it out. Too much, too annoying, too...yah.  But once you get there, SAVE! You only get one chance at the bird, and you're gonna go through a lot of Ultra Balls to get it once it's weak. A highly annoying bird, that Moltres. And it only learns one Fire move, Fire Spin. Not worth fighting with to me, but nice for PokÚdex.


Game Boy Games: Gold/Silver/Crystal

Get out the Link cable. The baby, she ain't on Victory Road any more. As for moves, she doesn't learn a lot that's new--Safeguard, Wing Attack, and --praise Mew!--She now learns Flamethower! Redeem yourself, you great big fire chicken! And before you even think about it, no breeding Moltres. They have no gender defined in the game. Well damn, I always said Moltres was a girl anyways.


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/Fire Red/Leaf Green

Let's all celebrate the return of Moltres! She's now to be found at the very top of Mt. Ember near One Island. Only one, so don't KO her. Bring your Ultra Balls, someone that knows Strength and Rock Smash to move shit around. (I have a bitch Onix for this) and your best attacker to take her down. I've tried four times so far. Stubborn fire chicken. She, like all legends, uses Pressure as her Ability. 2 PP a move, ya'll.



Moltres sucks, as Fire fighters go. But she's not bad looking, and she could use more play. But she does look a whole lot like a chicken O_o Poor girl. (Yes, she's female. In my world.)