Lava Dribble
Magmar and Magby

Name Meanings


Buubaa: blend of buumu "boom" and baa, unknown Magmar: pun on magma
Buubi: blend of buumu, "boom" and the English "baby" Magby: blend of magma and baby


Game Boy Games: Red/Blue/Yellow

Magmar are only on one pack--the Blue pack. They can be found in the Cinnabar Mansion. You'll have to wander around the 3rd floor and the Basement until you find one, and they're rare, starting at level 34 and then level 38 in the Basement. This means you'll have a Magma with Ember and Leer. Such a bloody hassle to find and have. And for all that, you get a funny looking lizard that spits at you. What a bitch. This is the only Fire Pokémon to learn Fire Punch, and also learns Flamethrower. It has to make up for its annoyance somehow.

In Yellow, there's not a Magmar anywhere. Get out a Link Cable and get to trading!


Game Boy Games: Gold/Silver/Crystal

To be honest, I've yet to find the little bastard. They're supposed to be in the Ecruteak Tower, but all I keep seeing are those annoying as hell Rattata. At the rate I'm going, I'll have to trade mine on from Yellow. Well, they learn Sunny Day, which is a sweet move that makes Fire moves powered up for Five turns! Sweet... They're also around Mt Silver in Crystal, but no where else.

Anyways, Magmar breed, and now have a pre-evolution named Magby. Magbys only come to you one way. You get a girl Magmar and get her to give an egg. (Or you get a boy Magmar with a Ditto, which if you think about it, is really kinda squicky). Then you go pick up the egg and walk around till it hatches. Ta-da! Magby. You can also get one randomly in Crystal when you first reach the Day Care and the Old Guy gives you a random egg, but like I said, it's random. I got a Elekid. Pah.

Magbys start out at Level 5, like all babies, and only know Ember and whatever they learn from their daddy. They do grow up to learn Fire Punch and Sunny Day (Sunny Day kicks ass!) and become full Magmars at level 30. Unlike other babies, they only have to reach the level. None of this mollycoddling you have to do with Pichus.


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/Fire Red/Leaf Green

Not in Ruby/Sapphire or Colosseum. But yay, welcome them back in...LeafGreen? Yeah that makes perfect sense, put the Fire one on the GREEN cartridge. Bizz-nitches. Anyways, they're on One Island. Have fun catching them. Magbys, like before, come from hot Magmar loving. (OW! Okay, it was a bad pun.) They have Flame Body. This means you touch and you burn. So step back.



Magmar's a cute little Pokémon, and he's got some power in him. But they just don't push the little bugger. *sigh* Magbys, however, are cute. And unlike Pichus, they don't have to be coddled to evolve. Pansy Pichus.