Name Meanings


Buusutaa: Japanese pronunciation of "booster" Flareon: blend of flare and eon (the ending for all Eevee Evolutions)


Game Boy Games: Red/Blue/Yellow

In Red and Blue, Flareons come from dropping a Fire stone on that volatile little evolver, Eevee. Eevee is found in the highest level of the Celadon Mansion, and you only get one per game. So you'd better chose well. Most people get the one that can whoop whatever its starter is weak against (So if you start with Charmander, you'd go with Jolteon) but I don't do that unless I have to, cause I love Fires.

You should evolve that little Eevee as soon as you can so that Fire moves can be learned. Too late and the poor thing will be useless. Walk right over the store and rub your dirty little hands all over that Fire Stone. Flareon learns all the good moves that Fire Pokémon learn--Flamethrower, Fire Spin, and even Bite, which is a nice little attack.

Yellow goes the same way as Red and Blue. Drop a Fire stone on that little Eevee and watch the fire fly! And you only get one. So quit your bitchin'.


Game Boy Games: Gold/Silver/Crystal

Same deal. Eevee and Fire stone. Things don't change at all in the evolving thing. But you get the cutie a whole new way. See, you get a Eevee from Bill after you get all the way to Ecruteak, (and double back to Saffron) and you can evolve it anyway you want. However, if you breed an Eevee, rather than bother with the one Bill gives you (I turned Bill's into an Umbreon) you can delay till level 15, cause they're born on level 5. Then evolve! But as I said, only one Fire stone per game unless you're on Crystal (if you are, Schoolboy Alan will call you if he finds you one. ). And due to the magic of breeding, you can get all the Eeveelutions! *plans a Eevee team* >=D I saved right before I got one, to ensure its femaleness. I'm so picky.


Game Boy Advance: Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum/FireRed/LeafGreen

Psh, no. Nothing happening in Ruby/Sapphire.

Ah, but in FireRed/LeafGreen. Beautiful FireRed. Beautiful Flareon of mine. Er...once I breed my Eevee. See, you get an Eevee in the Celadon Mansion, but I kept getting boys and finally said fuck it. I'll breed later. Also since I have no good Waters on FireRed (I am a picky player) I made mine a Vaporeon. Once I can breed, I'll work on my Eevee team. The hardest part is making sure my Espeon and Umbreon are female. Hey, people have their patterns, and mine mean that those two are chicks, so Bite me.

Their Ability is Flash Fire, which means that anytime an enemy hits them directly they will get burned 30% of the time. Back the fuck up, bitch.



Flareons kick (gr)ass! I love Eevee and all five of its evolutions, and I wouldn't mind having a full pack of nothing but Eeveelutions to fight with. I actually happen to be raising a set on Crystal (cause hey, I like to play as my own gender), all the children of Zephyr (from my silver Game). They're all so cute!