These are dolls I'm working on and may/may not finish. Also, there are ideas here I'm probably going to work with.

Actively Working On:

Princess Peach:

Peach of Mario Fame. I got the idea from Unoriginal's site. So far it's just her basic dress done, but I've coded in the hair changes for Daisy and the Mario Brothers (as girls; I'm so odd) so those will be done as outfits. She'll also have some casual wear and outfits based on powerups.


She's a blue haired mage. She's very pretty so  I'm going to make her a standard character of mine to draw. I'm going to give her a mix of modern clothes, goth, anime, and stereotypical mage wear. So far she's only got her blue robes.


Chibi Olivia (Princess Maker 2):
I love Princess Maker 2, and seeing as there's a tiny little template for her already in the game (you have to cheat and use the undress to get a picture of the body) I decided to make a tiny doll. This one's on hiatus for a while cause I'm struggling with ideas. I might just make it a small KiSS.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter):
Yes, I started my Hermione doll. So far all she has is a few Gryffindor outfits and some FKiSS. I'm not really liking this one and might just make her a template for others.

Purin (Tokyo Mew Mew):
Since Zakuro has gone over so well, I decided to start on the others in reverse order. This is Phon Purin. She's got a few clothes. She's on the back burner while I work on some non-TMM dolls.


I'll also toss out a few templates that I played around with but won't make.

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