MIP No More:
Neth Opens a MOC Flower Burst

 A few years ago, I bought a MOC Flower Dream. And being a person who cannot resist opening a pony, I opened it. And documented it in pictures.

Flower Dream still in her packaging. But not for long! >=)

Lucky begs her to break free of her plastic prison.

Mwahaha! First Break! I can smell the value dropping!

Born free....as free as the wind blows....

Now out of the confines of the plastic, Flower Dream and Lucky become fast friends.

The shell left behind as a pony is freed from its confines. I kept the back card and comb, but I believe the bubble has since long been tossed.

And this is Flower Dream now, proudly showing herself in front of the Celebration Castle. Loved and adored, if a bit damaged (but that is another bitter story I won't talk about).

Would I do it again? Of course! I'm a firm believer in my ponies being ripped off the cards and set free of the stasis! O.P.E.N!

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