Questions and Answers

Minty was now in pieces. Now it was time to test the parts of her. I could have done this on separate pages, but blah, whatever. I'm lazy.

Does Pink Pony Hair Fade?

Common sense says not to test all the hair at once. So I just tested a small chunk, and taped it to the window of my dorm. But first I took a picture. I took another pic about every three days, and then compared them. Here the all are, lined up.

Before testing.

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Pic 3.

Pic 4.

Pic 5.

Pic 6.

 Final Pic.

 As you can see, the pale pink hair fades. It fades pretty quickly. What does this mean? Like Posey, Baby Cotton Candy, and Rosebud before them--keep the pale pink haired ponies out of direct sunlight. This is not only Minty but includes Cotton Candy, Pinkie Pie, and Wysteria. Hasbro, you should really find a shade that doesn't fade. But it can't be helped, I guess.

Do New Pony Washers Rust?

No. Not at all. I'll give you a hint. The washer, when left in water for three weeks when I forgot to check it, actually got mineral stains on it from the water evaporating before it even tried to rust. Way to go, Hasbro! This doesn't mean take your ponies in the tub, though. There's nothing worse than the frizzies.





How Do Ponies Look After Detinseling?

Some people are a fan of the tinsel in pony hair. Some are not. I am not a fan. While it is pretty, it gets very ratty and crinkled easy. So I detinsel my Glitter Ponies. I would show the steps but it's quite annoying. So I'll just show you my collection Minty and my Experimental Minty. Collection's on the left, with the bow.

It lays down much neater after detinseling and the tinsel doesn't get in the way when combing. Happiness.


More Questions?

Anything else you think I should test? E-mail me.