Dismantling - Taking her Apart

Now that Minty was out of the box, it was time to take her apart. The hardest part of this would be removing her head, since it was glued on. The glue that was holding her head on was still new, and it would take a lot to get her head off.

So I did what any sensible person would. I whipped out my big ass knife and filled the sink with hot water. (I don't have an Exacto Knife.) My roommate wanted to watch, since she'd never seen the head come off a MLP before.

Dunk. Twist. Cut gently. Repeat. Get frustrated. Get more hot water. Cut again. Bang head on sink. Twist. Small cuts. More hot water. (Our sink gets very hot water.) Look at watch. Go to watch an episode of a TV show.

And while I was watching TV, my roomie twisted the head off. She's good at this. =P

I also discovered that the hot water has softened the glue that held in her magnet. So I put the leg in my mouth, gave a quick snap of my teeth, and pulled it out in my teeth. Mmm. Green pony.

Taking out the tail was the easiest part. Just reach in with my Pony Pliers (the pliers I use for taking ponies apart) and pull it out.

The hair was not so easy to take out. For one, it's sewn in. Two, I want to use it on another custom. But then I got annoyed and started clipping it out. That was much easier. And it could still be used.

Finally Minty was bald and her parts ready to go to the lab.


Minty with her head off. Mwahaha!

Minty's magnet and the foot it was in.

Oh, the tail removal! The horror!

Minty being dehaired. Forgive the blurriness. I suck at focusing.

Minty, finally bald as an egg. I put the magnet back just so it wouldn't get lost.