Before Experimentation - Coming Out of the Box

Before Minty found herself the victim of various experimentations, she was a happy, MIB 2003 Minty. She'd come with Butterscotch in a 2 pack from Wal-Mart in Oak Ridge, near Milwaukee. However, since I already had one for my collection, I had to find something to do with her. Customizing was of, course, the first option. But before that, I decided that she should be experimented on. After all, there are questioned to be answered about the G3 ponies. Much is known on G1 since they've been around to play with for well over 20 years.

First, though, there was getting her out of the package.

Getting her out of the package was hell. Apparently Hasbro doesn't want people running off with ponies simply by yoinking them outta the box and making a run for it, so they're strapped in tight. Very, very tight. I'd had to open the top and slide her out that way. (I'd done that beforehand, actually, as I needed to steal her points to send off for Dazzle Surprise.)

Then I took her off the card, removed her brush and charm (which I'll figure out just what to do with later on) and viola!

Halfway done.

Taking her out the box had to be the easiest part. Her hair was taped to the back of the plastic, and her feet were sunk into a plastic mold that encased them (as well as her tail) so she had to be pulled off that as well. Then, there was the annoying plastic thing that held her hair together. I didn't even try to unthread it. That's what cuticle scissors are for. Snip snip...and freedom! She was out of the box and ready to become the victim of various experiments!


Minty still in the box. So clean. So pristine. So about to meet her doom.

Minty, out of the box but still on the card. She has no idea what's in store for her.

See how her hair was attached? Madness I tell you, madness!
You can also see that the brush is stuck on with one of those evil twisties that plague Barbie packaging. The charm's just attached on a card with some tape.

The plastic wrapped feet of Minty. I'm grateful they're not the same way Kimono and Pinkie Pie's were--with plastic wrapped around but not under. They had to be cut out. X_x

See? See? EVIL PLASTIC HAIR THINGY! Grarr-Mrrr-Arglefraster-Blech! Her tail is still in the rubber band as well.

Minty, free of the Evil Plastic Hair Thingy of Doom.

Her other side. Now if she was for the collection, it would be time for a wash and set. But she's not. Now she's ready for the sick twisted experimentations! Mwahaha!