Anatomy of a 2003 MLP

The basic anatomy of a Gen 3 My Little Pony--when fully apart.

Display Side.

Non-Display Side.

The numbers apply to both.

1: The tail and clamp around it. Came out quite easy.
2: The washer that holds the tail inside.
3: The hair from the mane. It is currently held in a bundle with two rubber bands. I just cut it off because I'm an impatient person.
4: The head. There is no hair. But there are many little holes where the hair used to be. Minty has pretty eyes. As you can see, there is a lip that holds the head on.
5: The body. On the display side is Minty's Cutie Mark and hoof mark.
6: The magnet, in all it's magnety glory. On the other side is the new My Little Pony logo. It's a pretty farking strong magnet too.