*~*~* Boxers or Briefs? *~*~*
the unseen side of Harry Potter

On the MB at Fictionalley.org, the topic came up--boxers or briefs? There were a great many replies on mood G strings, leather bras and and Snitch print boxers. I came up with a very long list of what every character I could think of wears. This list can and will change. >=D

Harry: Before he left the Dursleys, tightie whities, because ony Duddlekins got the nice undies. Now, he takes some of his Sickles and buys very sensible cotton boxers and different colored undershirts.

Dudley: Underoos until he was too fat for them. Now he wears daddy's kind of boxers...

Vernon: Only dark cotton boxers. and striped undershirts with no sleeves.

Petunia: Sensible white granny panties, cotton, and no-frills bra bought from a reasonable department store. Not much is in said bra--I'll give her too much credit and say about an A.

Aunt Marge: Those ugly old bloomers that come to your knees with the ruffles and big ugly white bras. She's got the kind of chest that needs all the support it can get, if you know what I mean. Buys her underwear from one of those really cheap outlet stores.

Hagrid: Always goes commando! But once in a while he cleans up and pulls on some Big and Tall tartan print cotton boxers.

Snape: no nonsense grey boxers. Nothing else will do.

McGonnagall: Old fashioned bras and underwear that were popular back in about the early twenties. A average chest--nothing too voluptuous, but there's someting there.

Dumbledore: Red and gold silk boxers.

Ron: Tightie whities until he was bit older, then basic white cotton boxers. Both with his name on them, as the only thing he owns that wasn't a hand me down. (Hand me down underwear, yucky!) And plain white undershirts, always.

Fred and George: Wild print Boxers that say horrible things about other people who try and steal them. Before they got older, it was tighties.

Percy: Nothing but black cotton boxers.

Bill: When he's not walking around in a thong, it's nothing at all.

Charlie: Who has time for underwear when there's dragons!

Arthur Weasley: Long red flannels, unless it's too hot, then it's red boxers.

Molly Weasley: She has to shop for boys and her husband on a small budget. She wears cotton, not always matching, and sometimes the underwear have little flower print on them.

Ginny: Her mother buys her nothing but cutsy little girls underwear and camisole tops. When she was really little it was panties with ruffles on the butt. O_o But sometime Ginny manages to save a bit of money and buy Satan's panties >=D (good silk underwear). Her Mother won't admit she needs a bra even though her figure is starting to take form and keeps putting her in those embarrasing camisoles. She has finally talked her mother into her trainers bra, which is where she's been known to add a Padding Charm when no one could find out.

Hermione: Simple , small print underwear and various matching bras which always match. But when puberty hit and she got up to her current C cup, she has decided she's very pretty and once in a while buys some metallic matching sets. When the old rag comes around it's time to pull out the monthly set of old comfortable white cotton bra she's had for a while and dark black cotton panties. (I will not discuss if it's corks or diapers, she told me that in confidentiality.)

Trelawney: The spirits have told ther that wearing anything but granny panties and simple cotton bras will cause bad things to happen. She hides her small chest by draping all those chains around her neck.

Sirius: When he was in Azkaban, he was forced to wear regulation light grey boxers which had his name and cell number on them, three pair, to be sent to the laundry every third day. Now that's he's free again, he wears comfy cottons and once in a while, a sleek pair of boxer briefs.

Remus: Comfy cotton boxers in various shades and states of wear. One has patches on it. When his time of the month comes (>=D) he wears boxer breifs as they're much more comfortable to transform in.

Cho: invests mightily in sports bras and black underwear, as sports can mess up her chest (a decent size, but not too much, else she wouldn't be a good Seeker). But when she wants to be pretty it's silks and laces in pastels.

Cedric: Simple yellow cotton boxers. No undershirts.

Fleur: Silky little thongs and bras that only cover the bare needs. Several matching sets. Has been known to wear garter belts as well.

Victor: Cotton boxers in a dark red print. Simple is best.

Neville: His grandmother only allows him to wear tighties.

Dean: Simple black boxers.

Seamus: Bright green cotton boxers with little shamrocks on them.

Draco: Silk his whole life. First it was silk cloth diapers with small silver diaper pins (nothing is too good for a Malfoy), then silk boxers. Always in deep greens and blacks.

Lucius: Silk Boxers, and those garter things to keep your socks up.

Narcissa: In public it's silk underwear. In private it's those little teddies that make suggestive music when you touch a certain bow above her right hip. Also wears those stockings that require a garter belt. When you're rich, everything in the Circe's Sexy Secrets catalogue is yours to pick.

Tom Riddle: He wore simple black boxers with snakes on them.

Voldemort: No one wants to think about Voldemort's underwear. O_o

Lily Potter: Pretty matching silky bras and panties, from Athena's Intimates. When she was pregnant, she wore maternity panties and bras and still looked pretty. Had a very womanly figure and wasn't afraid to show it.

James Potter: Comfortable modest print boxers. Matching undershirts.

Wormtail: Very grey tighty whities. Not the best ones on the block.

Crabbe and Goyle: Both wear black cotton boxers. Draco has to remind them to change their underwear more than once a month.

Parvati and Lavender: Very sexy underwear and bras. Neither one has as much as Hermione, so both have been known to use Padding Charms. Parvati is the only person who knows that Lavender used an Engorgement Charm during the Yule Ball because she didn't quite get the look she had wanted in her dress robes.

Fudge: Ugly polka dot boxers, those garter things with black socks, and a white undershirt.

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