Submitting Fanart/Fanfiction to the Site:

Yes. Fanstuffs are good. I like fanstuffs. There's only a few things I ask for both.

1: Seeing as this is a site about the Ravenclaws, I expect to have Ravenclaw things. Fanart, I'll grant liberties, seeing as there's not a lot of Ravenclaws mentioned. But on the fanfiction, I will have to stand firm and demand that the fic focus predominatly on Ravenclaws or have prominent Ravenclaws. There's too many people in Gryffindor and Slytherin mentioned in canon, there's too many fics about said people, there's plenty of sites willing to accept and love your fics--such as Fictionalley--but I'm not one of them. (Now, if you write a fic where the person was sorted into another house--such as Lily Evans-Potter being in Ravenclaw--then that's no trouble.) Comdey, quizzes, lists and the like don't have to be as Ravenclaw centered.

2: Don't send me fics and art that's not your own. Don't be an ass. Please.

3: Send all art as .gif or .jpeg, and all fics as .txt or .doc files. I am double adamant about the art. I don't like having my inbox clogged with .bmp or .pngs, I'll just have to convert them and if I have to convert your art to post it, then you're making me do too much work. If you don't know how to convert it, tell me so, and I won't hold it against you.

4: I don't ship. Don't send me bad shippy stuff. Sure, if it's exceptional and very well written, then I'll probably take it. But no shippy without plot, or porn, or a fic written so you can shag an HP character. HP porn is vaguely disturbing. But I do take Slash, as long as it's not Porn Without Plot.

5: Rules can and do change.


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