The Sorting Hat Quiz

Not sure if you're a Brainy Ravenclaw, a Golden Gryff, a humble Hufflepuff or a Sly Slytherin? Well, put on the hat and see! (Sorry, no refunds.) Created by Ayla Pascal, with a few edits here and there. Javascript coding/graphics/ stuff on results pages by Nethilia.

The Muggle World:

Q1) What type of music do you like?


2. What would you do if your worst enemy walked up to you and said, ‘I'm sorry for the way I've treated you. Let's be friends’?
Look at them and say coldly, ‘I don’t think so.’
Look at him/her suspiciously for a moment then say ‘Ok’. You walk off happily together.
Say yes but harbour a suspicion about them, until it destroys your budding friendship.
Ignore them.

3. What is your favourite color?

4. Which of these movies appealed most to you?
Pet Cemetary.
Pay It Forward.
You only Live Twice.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

5. Which of the Harry Potter Books did you enjoy the most?
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone).
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

6. Which subject do you like most in school?
P. E.

7.What is your favourite animal?

8. What do people say to you a lot?
You really are too callous/cold.
You need more backbone.
You are too reckless.
Slow Down! Slow Down! I can’t keep up!

9. Which personality are you most like? (BE HONEST!)
Ambitious and cunning.
Nice and trustworthy.
Full of leadership and stamina.
Intelligent and thoughtful.

The Harry Potter world:

10. What would you do if you found Percy’s head boy badge?
Keep it.
Give it back.
Improve it.
Leave it where you found it.

11 .If you were given the chance to go to the wizarding world and go to ONE magical place… Where would you go?
The Leaky Cauldron.
Deverish and Bangs

12 . If you were given the chance to meet one of these people, whom would you meet?
Draco Malfoy.
Ron Weasley.
Harry Potter.
Hermione Granger.

13. Which subject is your favorite?
Defence Against the Dark Arts.

14. If you received a letter admitting you into Hogwarts, what would be your first thought? (Assume you already know about Hogwarts.)
I’m muggle – born, I wonder if it disadvantages me…
Cool now I get to try all the magic I’ve heard about…
–Hmmmmnnn I wonder if I can defeat a dragon, just like Harry….
Oooh, but what if I cant keep up with all the classes…

Birds of a Feather

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(Stolen from the What animal best portrays your sexual appetite? test, which was swiped from New years resolution test which was stolen from somebody else, probably stolen from somebody else. My Java Skillz are not 1337.)