A Perfect Friend
by Queencaps

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Some days I just wish I were, you know, someone else. Everyone looks at me and thinks sure she has everything, but they couldn't be more wrong.  I don't have any real friends. Not to mention my family's background is pretty depressing. If only someone would look at me for more than looks for a change, but that will never happen. There was only person who had understood me, Cedric. But no, the one person I had really loved was taken away from me.

  Just then, Hermione bustled by with her nose in a book, as usual, with Ron and Harry tagging along behind her. I sighed. I wish I were like Hermione who could make real friends, not according to looks. She has no idea how lucky she is. I continued down the hall. This whole place is depressing now that Cedric is gone. We used to be so close. He always knew how to make me feel better, too bad I'll never see him again. Cho stifled a cry.

~~My mother had caught me crying about Cedric.  "Cho, you better get over it, you know he had to die. He got in the way of THE plan." "I don't even want anything to do with your crummy plan." I had said. Mother had been infuriated. "Remember what happened to Kayln. Remember Cho. That could happen to you too." ~~~

Mother is always like that, always cruel.  She loved to take people's weaknesses and use them against them.  She had been like that since my father had died. Father had died on a ministry raid. Somehow, mother had always blamed it on the ministry, rather than the true culprits who she now called her allies and even friends.  That's right my mother is in league with Voldemort. If anyone at Hogwarts were to find out, I'd never have a friend again.

That isn't even the worst part. My mom, she caused me to kill Kalyn, my sister, my only friend. Kalyn was brave and deserved to live, even more than I do. She stood up to Mom, when she first got into the dark side, and she died because of it.

Then Mother killed Cedric. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that she was there when Cedric was killed. She may have even been the one to cast Avada Kedavra. And I didn't have a sparkling record myself, if truth be told. I had been an accomplice to several deaths, including, my own sister's murder.  I can remember that day, and the events leading up to it as though it were yesterday.

It was my 9th birthday. Kalyn and I were going to celebrate by going down to the river on broomsticks, having a picnic lunch, and then maybe watching some muggle movies we had snuck into the house. We were just getting ready to take off, when Kalyn grabbed my arm and said, "You have to open your present first!" She handed me a small box. I ripped the paper off excitedly. It was a ring with a stone in the middle of two pieces of twisted and designed silver. It was very pretty. I put it on my ring finger; it fit perfectly. "See the band changes colors, it is a Friendship Ring. I enchanted it myself. Look there is a little paper in the box. It tells how your best friend is feeling. I pulled it out. Apparently, the ring changed colors depending upon how Kalyn was feeling.

    Green- happy
    Red- danger
    Black- dead
    Purple- scared

    I hugged her and thanked her. "And I have one just like it she said!" I looked down at my ring it was green. So, was hers. I smiled.

     It was about 3 years later that my father died. "I won't be gone long pumpkins." He told Kalyn and I. He bent down and kissed us each on the temple.  Then, he walked out he door, for the last time ever.

     That afternoon, we got an owl telling us the news. Mother didn't come out of her room for days. When, she finally did come out it was with a completely different attitude. The first thing she did was sit down and write a howler to the ministry of magic. She even included undiluted bubo tuber puss.  Over the next month, Kayln and I became very suspicious of her doings. We found a book in her room called Dark Magic, Demons, and Deceit. Finally, she just confronted us and told us that she was studying.

     Neither Kalyn nor I were too surprised. Kalyn was angry with mother. I wasn't sure what to think. Kalyn was only one year older than me, but I always had looked up to her any way. We were standing in the kitchen talking; Mother was in the garden. Then, a funny look came in her eyes, and she said she was going to go outside to get some herbs for some summer homework. I knew she was angry because of my ring it had turned vibrant orange.

     I heard loud noises from outside, then a shrill, piercing scream, my mothers. I ran out the door to find Kalyn standing over my mother's dead body. She turned to me with an icy look in her eyes. "She had to die. She was evil, Cho!" I was shaking with anger. Suddenly, I got the strangest urge. I reached into my robe pocket and pulled out an enchanted dagger. It grew to a good 3 feet. I battled with my sister, and killed her. The sword went straight through her heart. She fell to the ground in dead blood. Then, I heard clapping from the upstairs balcony. My mother was standing there smiling wickedly, and applauding me. "Well done Cho. That was a nice show. Obviously you are the most loyal of my daughters and a wonderful fencer. I think I shall keep you, but as for your sister she came out here telling me that the dark arts were bad and that she would turn me into the ministry if I didn't cease my practices. You see I had to have her killed. I do hope you understand." For the first time in my life, I really hated someone. I crumpled to a ball on the ground and screamed and cried for hours. I fell asleep there.~~

     Caught up in her memories, I didn't realize I'd been walking for an hour. All of a sudden it occurred to me. I dashed off to the Great Hall. When, I finally did arrive there, everyone was already sitting down.

      I sat down with her normal group at the Ravenclaw table. My "friends" were sitting there yakking about the newest hairstyle in Witch Weekly. I was playing with my mashed potatoes, trying to ignore them. When some b****,who my friends seemed to have adopted over the summer, turned to me and sneered. "When are you going to stop moping over Cedric already. I mean come on he was just a guy. It isn't that big of a deal." Without thinking, I reached up and slapped the girl straight in the face.

      I ran out of the hall in tears, only to get halfway to the Ravenclaw common room and crash into some girl with a stack of books. Both of us fell to the ground. The other girl moved the books out of her face, and I saw it was Hermione.

      I felt kind of bad for knocking her over and I asked her if she was okay. She looked up and said, "Well, I'll live, but I think I sprained my ankle. Could you help me to the hospital wing?" I nodded. I might be upset by couldn't exactly leave her there on the floor. I reached up and helped her off the floor. She put one arm around me and we began a slow procession towards the hospital wing. Wincing with every hobble, she asked me, "Cho, why were you so upset?" "It's nothing." I mumbled. She told me to suit myself, but that it might help to talk. Finally, I just spilled out about my "friends" and how I missed Cedric and that I was just having a really bad day. She nodded sympathetically. "I don't suppose you'd like to eat lunch with me tomorrow would you?" Hermione asked. I grinned and said I'd love to. "Well here we are," Hermione said. I helped her into the infirmary where Madam Pomfrey rushed forward muttering furiously about people being in a hurry. Hermione shot me a grin, and I returned it. I walked away from the infirmary feeling happier than I had in days.

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