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Links to Other HP sites on the web

These are other sites I like that deal with Harry Potter. Not many to start, but as I find them I'll add them. If you want me to link ask and I'll be more than happy to.

Ravenclaw Bound:

The Ravenclaw Comnmon House
Yay!!! Another site about nice Ravenclaws! ^_^


Officially Official:

The Official Harry Potter Site
I would be stupid to leave this out. For an official site, it's not that annoying. Thought there was that whole thing about them snapping at unofficial sites. But I think it's over now.

Scholastic Site: Harry Potter
The American publisher's site. Nicely laid out. With a pronouciation guide. Before this I said "her-MEE-own." Now I know it's 'her-MY-oh-nee".

Bloomsbury Press: Harry Potter
The British publishers.

The Official Mary GrandPré Fan Club
Illustrator of the shiny book covers and pictures.


Fanmade Sites/Mailing Lists:

Mmmm....a HP fic/art archive! For reading fanfic and stuff. Yayness!

Moondog's HP Paradise
Where you can get your own personailty buttons. Like mine. Don't take mine.

Astronomy Domine
You gotta love a site with original art =D Adoptions here. Like mine. Don't take mine.

A comphrehensive site on all things HP.

The Harry Potter Lexicon
The Ultimate Index of Harry Potter Stuff. You need to look it up, it's here.

Harry Potter for Grownups
One of the many Harry Potter e-mail lists I'm on. Join us, if you're an adult, we don't bite!

The Boy Who Lived
This is the site that made news when she didn't give up her HP domain to mean old WB. Good for her.

The Daily Prophet
All the Wizard News that's fit to print.

The Essential Harry Potter
It's essential. =D

Harry Potter: Selected Links on The WWW
It's a big old list of links. Links are good.

Hogwarts Haven
I'm listed as a Ravenclaw here. =D

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