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Harry Potter Cliques/Webrings/Adoptions/Stuff

Yah, this is just a great big old List of all my HP Webstuff, like adoptions. as I find them, I grab them and sign up for the listing ^.^

Ravenclaws value intellect -- you like things which challenge your mind, whether it be math, art, history, or all of the above and more! You might be somewhat withdrawn, or your intellect might make you a bit mysterious to others.
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j cho chang
professor flitwick is simply
accio! [cho chang hippogriff hogwarts, a history]

Midnight at Hogwarts

I'm in the Ravenclaw House

Angelina, Cho, Hermione, Neville, and Fred and George were adopted from Astronomy Domine.

All from
Moondog's Harry Potter Paradise.

All from
The Patronus.

From Internet Bumper Stickers.

All from
The Ravenclaw Comnmon House.

All from
Pocket Bishonen.

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