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Facts and Stuff About Ravenclaws

Many of these facts were gathered from The Harry Potter Lexicon. I did look up some of this, so don't go taking it!

Head of House:
Professor Flitwick. Flitwick is the Charms teacher. He's a small man with white hair and a high pitched voice, and when he first called Harry's name on the role he squeaked and fell out of sight behind the desk. He was also a dueling champion long ago (Chamber of Secrets). He also likes to drink cherry syrup with soda, ice, and an umbrella. Too smart to imbibe?

Rowena Ravenclaw. Unlike Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin, Rowena (and Helga Hufflepuff, the other female founder) isn't really discussed at length. (Yet more of that bias.) She's descibed as fair, but I don't know if that's fair as in fair skinned or fair as in fair minded. She's also from a glen somewhere. And when Hogwarts first started, she wanted the the smart kids. She does disagree with Salazar when he only wants pure bloods, but that's it. Guess that leaves it open for now.

Blue and Bronze.

Eagle. Raven in the movie. Why did they change it? Peh. Dunno.

Resident Ghost:
The Grey Lady. She's mentioned in passing, is SS Chapter 12, as a tall witch gliding by in the opposite direction. That's all that's been heard, really. In the movie she looks like she's from the 1600's or so, going on the idea that there really is a Grey Lady that haunts a place in England.

Sorting Hat's Descriptions:
First year:
     Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw; 
     If you've a ready mind 
     Where those of wit and learning,
     Will always find their kind.

Fourth year:
    (snip lines about Gryffindor)
    For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
    Would always be the best.

Fifth year:
    (snip line about Gryffindor)   
    Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose
    Intelligence is surest."
    And only those of sharpest mind
    Were taught by Ravenclaw...

Common Room Location:
Ravenclaw Tower, which is on the west side of the castle (OoP). In my fiction the door is behind a tapestry.

Ravenclaw Quidditch Team:
Roger Davies, Captain. I believe him to be a Chaser. Cho Chang, seeker. The rest of the team is never mentioned by name. They play in blue robes.

Known Ravenclaws:
Cho Chang : a fourth year (90-97) when first mentioned in Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry's third year). She's Asian (it is not told what nationality, but probably Chinese), and Harry develops a crush on her. She rides a Comet 260. He asks her to the Yule Ball, but she had already asked Cedric when he does so. She is also the person that is saved in the Second Task by Cedric. Apparently they'd started dating. She seems to take it hard when Cedric dies, and spends the end of the year feast crying silently. She spends the next year pining after Cedric and only dating Harry (briefly) because he was with Cedric when he dies. She is his first kiss (but since she's crying, it's a very wet kiss.) She does get pissed with Harry eventually, because he spends time with Hermione and at the end is dating Michael Corner (another Ravenclaw).

Roger Davies - Captain of the Ravenclaw team. His year is unknown. Handsome looking. He went to the Yule Ball with Fleur Delacour, and spent most of the ball staring at her dazedly, missing his mouth, and finally agreeing with whatever she says (veelas, hmmph). Other than the mention in PA and the ball in GF, he is not spoken of.

Michael Corner: (91-98) A member of Harry's year, and first mentioned in OoP as Ginny's boyfriend. Breaks up with her after Gryffindor tromps Ravenclaw in the last game of Harry's fifth year and starts dating Cho.

Penelope Clearwater (87-94): A Ravenclaw prefect, and Percy Weasley's girlfriend. She is who Ginny sees Percy with in CS in a spare room. (It's never said what exactly what was going on ^_~) She and Hermione are both simultaneously petrified by the Basilisk, but not killed because they see it in a hand mirror.

Terry Boot (91), Mandy Brocklehurst (91), Lisa Turpin (91): Only spoken of in SS when being sorted, in the same year as Harry. Boot is mentioned once as having received a bleeding nose from the Dueling club, but that's it. Free reign, fanfic writers. He's also in Dumbledore's Army.

Stephen Cornfoot (91), Kevin Entwhistle (91), Su Li (91) (HPM), Morag McDougal (91), Anthony Goldstein (91) : Never sorted in the book, but revealed in an interview with J.K Rowling called "Harry Potter and Me." when she shows her notes. Well, since I've already started my fic I'm not going back to change names =P. (I got Morag right--just not the gender.-_-)

Padma Patil (91) - The twin sister of Parvati in Gryffindor. She is very pretty, like Pavarti. (Dean Thomas mutters about how Ron and Harry got the best-looking girls in the year.) She is Ron's date for the Yule ball and wears bright turquoise robes. She doesn't seem to be too keen on having Ron as her date and she notices the frayed edges of his dress robes. Ron ignores her, and when he adamantly refuses to dance with her, she spends the night dancing with a boy from Beauxbatons. She becomes one of the Ravenclaw Prefects her fifth year. (And since I'm only on book 2, I can line that up right!)

Stewart Ackerley (94), Orla Quirke (94): Also a pair sorted and never mentioned again. Free reign!

Luna Lovegood: (92-99): A Ravenclaw in Ginny's year. Her father is the owner of The Quibbler, the equivalent of a Muggle Tabloid. The rest of the school calls her "Loony" behind her back and steals her things. She has long dirty blond hair and large grey eyes that are very wide and give her this look of confusion. She helped in the assault at the MoM. She can see thestrals, as her mother died in front of her when she was nine. I think she is quite endearing in her own sweet way.

Fawcett, S: Nothing is really known about her. She is female, and can't have started at Hogwarts later than 91, since she was at the Yule Ball. CS she is seen at the Dueling club, apparently with an injury as Lockhart passes her in mention. In GF, she tries to sneak over the line even though she's too young, which places her no older than about a sixth year. (She is not seventeen in GF, and though Angelina is a sixth year, she has her seventeenth birthday in time to place her name in the goblet.) Snape takes ten points from her house for her being in the bushes during the Yule ball.

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